Time Trekker

 Time Trekker aka Oliver Huygens is a 11 yr. old kid from Orange City, Iowa. On a winter night, past midnight, lightning strikes near Olivers home. It was not a normal lightning but a peculiar one. Oliver grew curious and wanted to check out what was the bright thing outside his home. He steps out of his home and cautiously walks toward the lights and from a distance sees a pod-shaped object. After walking even closer, he sees an alien spaceship. The alien spaceship was from the galaxy GN Z11, one of the most primitive galaxies in the universe. It is inhabited by one of the most primitive species in our universe.

After going closer to the spaceship, to Olivers surprise, an alien flies out of the spaceship & comes near him. It presents him with a device, a gauntlet-looking device called the time drive. The time drive is a time keeping device, created by The Masters, the creators of the multiverse, it contains all the events that happened in this universe from the Big Bang to the present time.

The time Trekker using the time drive has the power to go back to any point in time & also go to all possible future timelines. He can pause, slow, and stop time in his present environment. He can also send any object in the universe from one point in time to another.