Grand Wizard

Francis Xavier III aka Grand Wizard is a superhero on a mission to fight evil across the space-time continuum. Grand Wizard is one of the powerful characters in the superhero universe, he has the power to teleport, blast energy beams, absorb energy beams, be invisible, and the ability to levitate & fly.

Francis Xavier III is the 3rd Grand Wizard, his grandfather, and his great-great-grandfather were the previous Grand Wizards. The first Grand Wizard, Francis Xavier I, a Jesuit missionary started a 5000 mi expedition to the Himalayas in the year 1507 AD. In this arduous journey to spread love and peace, most of the Jesuit priests along with him perished. He was the last to survive. With extreme grit and courage, he reached Mount Kailash, on Mt Kailash he encountered a strange being, an energy form, a godly form, maybe Lord Shiva himself. Seeing the entity, Francis Xavier collapsed at his feet.

With a touch, the lord healed Xavier and came to know the atrocities he faced and his mission to fight evil across the world. Impressed by his grit & courage he gave him two powerful artifacts to help him with his mission; thus, the first Grand Wizard was born.