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New & Upcoming Comics

Meet the superheroes

What is Superhero Inc?

The next-gen superhero universe with an amazing set of characters & stories. Comics, Collectibles, Games, and animations coming soon...


Superhero NFTs

The first superhero franchise built on web3. For all the superhero fans, we are launching a 10k superhero NFT collection very soon, Stay tuned.


For eternity there will be only 10k NFTs for a superhero. Buy NFTs of your favorite superhero now, hurry up supply is limited.

Commercial Rights

Owners have IP rights & can use their artwork commercially. We are providing similar rights as pudgy penguins have provided to its NFT holders.


NFT owners can use their artwork in any good way they can imagine and also we would be licensing NFTs from the community to create merchandise.

Future Perks

Yuga Labs has treated its early backers very well. We want to do the same, future perks & goodies upon roadmap activation for our NFT owners.